Japanese Language School

Online Level Check Test


Please complete your application as soon as possible. First, complete the placement test. If you are staying at a homestay or apartment share, or have requested an airport pickup, we will ask you for some additional information after you have finished the test..


Step 1: Japanese placement test

Start here!

Select the level check test that best matches your ability level, and complete the test.

If you are a complete beginner student, you don't need to take the test - however, you must learn the hiragana alphabet before starting your study with us.

If the test you select is too easy or too hard, please feel free to switch to a different test partway through. In addition, if the results of your test are very good or very bad, we may ask you to take retake a harder or easier test.

Then, if necessary, follow the next steps to complete your application.


From complete beginners to students who can hold simple conversations. Must be able to read hiragana!

Can hold simple conversations. Equivalent to having finished Minna no Nihongo book 1 or Genki Japanese book 1, or having passed level 4 of the Japanese Proficiency Test.

Have some confidence in everyday conversations, and can read texts written using simple Kanji. Equivalent to having finished Minna no Nihongo book 2 or Genki Japanese book 2, or having passed level 3 of the Japanese Proficiency Test. (Students above this level should also take this test.)

Step 2: Self-introduction

If you will stay in a homestay, please fill out this form to tell your accommodation a little about you.


Step 3: Upload a photo

Thank you for your time! We can't wait to have you study with us! :)